We’ll add this to the list of “crazy bad-assed things that people do in the name of science and exploration,” which is a remarkably long list.  I’ve hardly made a dent in such examples on this Tumblr.  Via Popsci:

Did you think drinking your own urine was bad? To truly test whether you have the right stuff, imagine ripping out your own fingernails, on purpose.

A couple of astronauts have done this before going into orbit, because they figure it’s better than losing them inside chafing, unwieldy spacesuit gloves, according to Dava Newman, director of MIT’s technology and policy program and director of the university’s Man Vehicle Lab. Newman, who has studied space-related injuries, told a group of journalists at MIT that some astronauts have reported losing their fingernails during spacewalks. Fingernail trauma and other hand injuries are spacewalkers’ biggest complaint, she said.

Ow.  Suddenly my urge to be an astronaut has decreased further.  I doesn’t help that “Gravity" just came out in theaters, either.

(h/t to @CatherineQ!)

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